THE INFAMOUS MIAMI - March 1st, 1969 - Dinner Key Auditorium

"Now listen here, I ain't talking 'bout no revolution and I'm not talkin' about no demonstrations...I'm talking about having a good time, I'm talking about having a good time this summer. And you all come out to L.A., you all get out there, we're gonna lie down there in the sand and rub our toes in the ocean, and we're gonna have a good time, are you ready, are you ready, are you ready, are you ready, are you ready, are you ready, are you ready, are you ready, are-are-are-are-areare-ah-ah-ah-ah..."

..with these words started the Infamous Miami's concert of Jim Morrison and The DOORS, a sad chapter for the King Lizard and his group, and a sad chapter for all Doors' lovers!
I think no need more words to explain the great significance of this concert, a concert that have marked the Rock history and the life of MrMojoRisin....after this day (march 1st 1969), starts the beginning of decline of Jim Morrison's career....Jim is too depressed and dejected to continues to sing!
For that reason, he concentrates his talent specially in poetry and starts to work to "An American Prayer"...his great artistic legacy!

March 1st 1969...Jim missed his direct flight from Los Angeles to Miami, where The Doors were booked to play at the Dinner Key Auditorium, an old, stuffy hall near the harbour, constructed of corrugated iron. He sat down in a bar at the airport and drank. As there were no more direct flights, he had to change planes in New Orleans around noon, and had to wait several hours for the connecting flight. He passed his time in a restaurant, where he consumed some more drinks, after which he also missed the connecting flight. Further hours of waiting for the next connecting flight to Miami were spent drinking. Eventually he arrived at the Dinner Key Auditorium in Miami, just minutes before the beginning of the concert. He was totally drunk. The atmosphere backstage was already at its lowest point. Against an arrangement that had been made, several thousand extra spectators had been squeezed into the venue. On top of this, the promoter had raised the price of the tickets by one dollar on his own authority. And when Bill Siddons, the new manager of The Doors, voiced a desire to cancel the concert with regard to this, he discovered that the lorry that had picked up the band's equipment from the airport had suddenly and mysteriously disappeared. In the meantime inside the hall, which normally only held 7,000 people, 13,000 fans were sweating. The Dinner Key Auditorium had no air conditioning.
The Doors come on stage. Before the three musicians are even able to begin a song (backstage they agreed on 'Back Door Man'), Jim walks over to the microphone and starts blowing into a harmonica, taking a deep breath through it and producing incomprehensible sounds.

, he shouts into the restless audience. "Now listen here, I ain't talking 'bout no revolution and I'm not talkin' about no demonstrations"...and the rest is history....


1. Jim's intro / Backdoor Man
2. " I want some love"
3. Five to one
4. "Love" plus "Touch me" (partial)
5. Jim -> Love me two times
6. When the music's over
7. cont.-> Jim commentary on change -> Away in india
8. -> Jim talks to the audience
9. -> "I was born here..."
10. -> "We want the world..."
11. Celebration of the Lizard (Intro) ->
12. Light my fire
13. cont. (the sheep comes out) -> Jim "I'd Fuck her but..."
14. "I wanna see some action...NO LIMITS NO LAWS..."
15. End comments...

..also this time, great quality (130mb)of this rip and my personal artwork, inspired by last official's The DOORS'cd's...I hope you'll enjoy my work!


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