02 August 1968, Flushing Meadows Park, Singer Bowl, Queens, NY

The Doors headline with opening act The Who. Jim's limo driver gets lost before the show in the traffic of the crowd and the limo is mobbed by fans. Jim gets out and the fans go crazy grabbing his clothes and hair forcing items, necklaces, etc. into his hands. He finally makes it backstage and decides to take a walk around the arena. He gets 10 yards down the hallway and is swarmed by hundreds of fans and is forced to go backstage. The Who refuses to play with The Doors equipment on stage during their set. They get there way and go on but the rotating stage gets stuck and a quarter of the restless crowd cannot see the band furiating many of the audience. They finish the set smashing their equipment and the crowd is roaring. Pete Townsend walks off telling The Doors people that the crowd is ready to explode!

The Doors wait 30 minutes and finally take the stage with Jim waiting even longer as the others jam. Jim comes out swarmed by security and his film crew. The fans who cannot see begin to storm the stage and are thwarted back by security. Jim is animated and growls songs while dancing and gyrating, hopping and twirling in a shamanic tide often rapping obscenities during breaks and between songs. The crowd is hot and Jim is in rare form. The tension builds with each song, each chant, each movement. Jim and the audience are one. He feels there emotions boiling and slowly turns up the heat. Jim throws himself down on the stage and crawls around on his belly driven by the music, the crowd, and his demons. The Doors finish with "The End" and as Jim sings the last note, falling back on the stage, the crowd as if being pulled back like an arrow, as if on cue, suddenly erupt and thunderously rush the stage. The crowd overtakes the stage and begins smashing the bands equipment. The riot rages on for over an hour with the band backstage drinking. Many fans are injured, hospitalized or arrested.


Introductory Instrumental (without Jim)
01.Back Door Man
02.Five To One
03.Break On Through
04.When The Music's Over
"Vast Radiant Beach"
"Dawn's Highway"
"The Royal Sperm"
When The Music's Over
05.Wild Child
06.Wake Up!
07.Light My Fire
08.The End*
(*alternative source)
"Fall Down Now; Strange Gods Are Coming"
"The Sea Is Green"
"I'm coming; I hear you calling"
"The creature's nursing it's child; Leave this child alone!"
"Don't Come Here! Don't Come In!"
"The killer awoke before dawn..."
The End


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  1. Hello.
    Thanks a lot for this great disc man.
    For myself the sound is good, and always looking for new material of the legendary band.
    The sound is an authentic "Desmadre", but is part of the original record.
    Thank you.


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  4. Por favor,
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    esta com defeito.

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