The Doors "From the inside" with Jac Holzman (1988)

"From the inside" is a Radio-documentary/show, realised by Valley Isle Productions Ltd. and MediaAmerica Radio Inc., with the partecipation of Jac Holzman (manager of Elektra Records), as The Doors' story-teller and includes musical contributions by Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger.
This show consists of 6 CD's and I think it's very nice for a fans to have this opera as indirect testimony of this great band. Enjoy it!
From UCLA to Elektra Records
CD 1:

"Light my fire" goes number one
CD 2:

From small clubs to ballrooms to arenas
CD 3:

1969: Miami and its reverberations
CD 4:

1970: Back to basics: "Morrison Hotel"
CD 5:

"L.A. Woman", Jim's departure for Paris, and the Doors today.
CD 6:

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  1. very cool contribution Paolo, great contribution, very complete document, listen to bits of pieces of background, listening to the show is very magical, great contribution, have a good one!!!


  2. Thanks for your words Cato, very soon the CD2 online!

  3. muchas muchas gracias por el excelente material!!!!!!!!

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